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Suspension Tool For Strut Replacement and Servicing Designed and Manufactured in U.S.A.

Techny EZ strut spring compressor was developed for the automotive strut repair and service suspension professionals, with emphasis placed on quality, ease of use, safety and speed.

September 20, 2012

Strut repair and servicing has never been faster, easier and safer! The Techny EZ Strut Spring Compressor Model T3300, addresses automotive technicians and shop owners requests to develop a strut spring compressor that would be fast, easy of use, safe and portable.

Automotive strut repair and service suspension professionals can quickly, easily and safely replace a strut in under 5 minutes due to the patented technique and method the strut spring compressor uses.

It Hydraulically compresses the spring with ease, while the extra large heavy duty jaws wrap around the spring, holding it securely in place. Depending on spring diameter, the jaws on average covers 60% plus, of the peripheral spring diameter, thus providing a reliable secure hold by equalizing the pressure, preventing the possible breakage if the hold was by less means.

The strut spring compressor has a self adjusting pivoting head that locks in place and securely holds the strut mount in line for ease of insertion of new strut replacement. If the strut mount should need servicing, the head quickly lifts up by a simple release of the hydraulic pressure, speeding the task of strut servicing.

The EZ Strut Compressor, compresses springs of 2.7" to 9.50" O.D., with wire diameters up to 3/4". It easily handles tight wound spring with spacing as close as 9/32".

The strut tool becomes portable by slightly tilting it back enough where the wheels can touch the ground, allowing the professional tech to easily roll it to any job site.

The professional strut compressor does not require any adapters, shoes or accessories since it was designed as an all inclusive universal suspension tool. It handles your most difficult coil over shocks; Long, short, small, large, narrow, angled offset, conical and tight wound springs.

Techny EZ Strut Spring Compressor can save suspension repair and service professionals hundreds of dollars in strut repair and servicing. It can cut down typical time spent, which can reduces labor costs.

The strut compressor is manufactured in the U.S.A by Techny Precision Mfg., Inc. founded in 1986. Manufactures tool components for various industries including automotive repair and service equipment. Additional information on this innovative product may be seen on

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Techny EZ Strut Spring Compressor

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